SSS RED POINT Cooperate with AtraxTac!

Specjalistyczne Szkolenia Strzeleckie Red Point

RED POINT Specialized Shooting Training joins the AtraxTac Team. Together they start the #CombatKnifeCourse project.
What do you gain from SSS RED POINT:
- qualified instructors
- knowledge, transfer skills and experience
- a specially prepared arena for exercises
- convenient availability of courses
What do you gain from AtraxTac:
- safe training knives
- possibility of verification with the original
- best quality products

Knife fight trainning

Knife fight scene

Knife trainning

Knife trainning soldier

trainning knife

For all SSS RED POINT training participants, a 10% discount on purchases over PLN 500. Ask about Promotional Codes during training.

You can find more about SSS RED POINT at the link. We invite you to cooperate

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