First, a few words about us. Due to many years of staying in the world of Special Services, the concept of a tactical, military or combat knife is not alien to us. They are used by uniformed services around the world. Therefore, we decided to share our passion and knowledge with other military enthusiasts and create individual projects for them. This is how Atrax knives were born. We meet the requirements of not only collectors, but also people who are members of military groups, uniformed services and fans of survival adventures. In our small workshop, knives with the logo of the poisonous Atrax spider are created, which, like him, arouse respect, are unique and extraordinary. Our knives are the result of hard work, which gives the highest level of workmanship and guarantees a unique design. AtraxTac knives are mainly made of steel, mainly Elmax, D2, M390 or Becut steel. Each knife is made by hand and with an individual approach. We make every effort to ensure that each of them fully meets the requirements of our customers. Many knives that went into the world required many hours of talks, design changes in order to be fully what our customers required. Thanks to this, they come back to us to realize the idea for a new knife with our hands. Already today we can boast of positive opinions of those who appreciated our handicraft. We had the honor to create knife trainers for students who learn not only how to hold a knife properly, but also how to defend knife against knife or hands vs knife. We are proud to see our knives in photos from the United States, Austria, Germany and Australia. We are constantly looking for new solutions to become even better than we are. We invite you and see for yourself what Atrax Team can give you.



We love being in the wild!

That's why I can't imagine fulfilling my passion without a good survival knife