We are pleased that you have found our website. You probably already know what we do and what range we have. Here we can look for solutions for entire teams. If you are a group of survival, bushcraft or shooting enthusiasts, you work in the services or the army and carry out high-risk tasks, we have a special offer for you. Here you can order products that meet your needs and have individually selected features. Atrax products are made of the best materials available on the market. You can earn it here by writing to us or by creating an order in the CUSTOMIZE section. We will select the appropriate steel, thickness, colors and finishes. We will create a unique design and adjust the scabbard and mountings to your needs. We offer many of the best solutions on the market.

How is this done? We determine the knife model and the desired features. We choose colors, textures and finishes. We select the scabbard/holster and mounts. We create a prototype that is sent to you by courier. You check the quality of workmanship, then we can make changes if necessary. Then we start working on more.

Each of our handmade products is individually refined to meet our company's standards, and you will receive a product that will support you in your everyday life.
We provide help and advice. If you have any questions, write!!

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