Atrax BOA

Atrax BOA tactical Full Tang military knife designed to be worn on a combat belt or plate carrier. The Tactical series was created to allow knives to be carried openly or concealed. A knife intended for special units performing high-risk tasks and for everyday use. The knife is designed to be as universal as possible in all conditions. You can also easily take it on survival and bushcraft expeditions. To make the BOA knife, we use the best steels on the market, such as Elmax, D2, M390 and Becut. The type of steel is selected according to the desired finish of the coating, i.e. black oxide, cerakote, stonewashed or satin. Everything to obtain the best possible quality and durability.

Atrax BOA is an unusual knife due to its shape. A project made together with my friend Plutek from BalckBulldog. It is difficult to attribute it to standard shapes available on the market. It is a mixture of Japanese Tanto and Drop point. It is available in a thickness about 4.4mm (0,173in) and a total length of 230mm (9.05in). It has a cutting blade with a length of 100mm (3.93in). The dimensions of the knife allow it to be worn on combat belts, bulletproof vests, backpacks or in pouches. The handle fits the gripping hand very well. BOA has a small crossguard with a handle.

The handles of the Atrax BOA knife are made of G10 or micarta materials in various colors. This ensures excellent quality and durability of the handle. The handle in this model has a stone-like finish with an imitation of snake skin.

Atrax knives have specially designed screws with increased durability. Made of D2 steel, heat treated and hardened, they can withstand a pull of up to 2 tons. Screws designed not to unscrew themselves thanks to a very fine thread inside the sleeve. They are coated with black oxide to provide greater corrosion resistance.

Atrax knives are unique because all cuts on the steel and handles are made by hand. Thanks to this, each knife is unique and one of a kind.
Because the knives are handmade, there may be slight differences in size and thickness, which makes them unique.

We recommend choosing an appropriate Kydex sheath to safely carry the knife. Decide what style and color of the vagina suits you in the next part of personalization.

We proudly build these knives in Poland.