Atrax Shadow

Atrax Shadow and Sadow XL tactical Full Tang knife of a military nature designed to be worn on a combat belt or plate carrier. The Tactical series was created to allow you to carry knives openly or concealed. Knife designed for special units performing tasks with an increased level of risk. The Shadow XL model is a typical American Tanto that has been equipped with a convenient ring for drawing the knife and a sharp angle at the end of the blade. Made of D2 steel covered with black oxide.

In the Atrax Shadow XL knife, the handle is made of G10 material in olive color. The handle has a stone-like texture. Thanks to this, the knife grip is secure and the look is unique. 

Atrax knives have specially designed screws with increased strength. Made of D2 steel, subjected to heat treatment and hardening, they are able to withstand a pull of up to 2 tons. The screws are designed so that they do not unscrew themselves thanks to the very fine thread inside the sleeve. They are covered with black oxide to ensure greater resistance to corrosion.

Atrax knives are unique because all the grinding on the steel and handles is done by hand. This makes each knife unique and one of a kind.
Since the knives are handmade, there may be slight differences in size and thickness, which makes them unique.

Knife equipped with a sheath made of kydex in olive color, folded from one piece called Taco Style.