Friend ask me to make a knife

Friend ask me to make a knife

As I already wrote, I made this knife for a friend. He is a hunter. Unlike me, he knows more about hunting than anyone else :). He didn't say much what kind of knife it was. He didn't want a "Rambo" type of knife to be used for hunting, but it had to fulfill one basic function. It is supposed to be a small knife for skinning wild game. It should fit well in the hand and have a well-shaped blade. But as is typical in our company, there are no simple solutions. In each knife we have to add something with the Atrax character. So we started having fun. First of all, we used one of the best steels on the market, Elmac Super Clean. After all, the knife must be resistant to rust, you know why. To make it easier to keep clean, the edges were polished and the cut was raw without any coating. Silver satin with delicate scratches after grinding gave it charm. Secondly, it must be safe for the user. That's why we equipped it with a small handguard covered with linings. We made these from 3 colored G10. The mounting screws are covered with Cerakote Coyote Tan paint for a nice contrast. The set includes a dedicated Kydex sheath in Chocolate Brown. This color scheme will definitely appeal to the new owner. And so a new knife design was created, which we named after my friend Atrax Hunter. Total length is 205mm, 75mm cutting edge and 4.4mm thick. Judge the results for yourself...


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