First PUSH KNIFE from AtraxTac

First PUSH KNIFE from AtraxTac

When it comes to this type of knife, we are still laymen. The PUSH type knife is a different story. The handle is placed at a 90-degree angle to the blade. Grip is a very problematic issue. Moving the blade away from your fingers is also important. The Kydex sheath should hold the blade well and not interfere with drawing. The connector between the blade and the handle should be comfortable for a tightening hand. All these dependencies are problematic. We made many drawings before we decided on the first model. We struggled with this model during hardening, because as you can see, the narrow gap between the blade and the handle can bend and we would not be able to maintain a straight shape. We have created special handles for this knife to eliminate this effect.
Why are such knives made and for whom? Let me explain. These are knives used in the first contact with the enemy and mainly in the army. It is very easy for a soldier to mount it on a bulletproof vest despite the huge amount of equipment already placed there. As you know, such a vest is not a comfortable thing. They are looking for simple solutions that are easy to draw. This is where the push knife comes in. It is easy to attach between the vest's main plate and magazines, e.g. AR15. It is placed horizontally and extracted that way. The second advantage of this assembly is that the knife does not hurt the soldier's ribs. Believe me, this is a very uncomfortable thing if you wear the vest for about 10 hours.
The blade was borrowed from our Atrax Scourge Dagger model. It is a dagger with asymmetric edges. The lower one is 5 mm longer than the upper one. The total length is almost 170 mm, the lower blade is 95 mm and the upper one is 90 mm. Steel thickness is 4.4 mm, of course made of Elmax Super Clean. Stonewashed steel finish. Military style olive G10 handle with stone structure. This is how Atrax ENKIDU was created, in honor of the well-known mythological character of the same name.

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