Atrax Knife Kydex Two Pieces - Pancake Style

Sale price129,00 zł
Color of Kydex: Black
Pancake Style Kydex is a bigger option for your new version, with full awareness to Taco Style. It is characterized by efficiency on current and distortion. Your knife will be well stored and durable. Kydex has the form that it is a combination of two parts and has fasteners on both sides. This is good and bad at the same time. You'll find out why in a moment. One-sided attachment is ideal for smaller knives and those that need to be included in concealment. Mounting with two strong is for carrying knives on bulletproof vests or vertically on combat belts. Holes used for all fixings on the market. Starting with Tek-Lok, Molle, Ulticlip, IWB, Atrax TMS, Soft Loop, Strips and Discreetcarry concepts. Opt for a standalone handle. You have such a choice with us.


IWB Plastic ClipIWB Plastic Clip
IWB Plastic Clip Sale price25,00 zł
Sold out
Molle-Lok Sale price44,00 zł
Sold out
IWB Soft LoopsIWB Soft Loops
IWB Soft Loops Sale price50,00 zł
Tek-Lok Sale price25,00 zł
Sold out
Ulti Clip
Ulti Clip Sale price85,00 zł
Molle-Lok Short
Molle-Lok Short Sale price44,00 zł

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